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Stats are an important part of Dream Flash, as they make you stronger in certain ways.

Having more of a stat increases the chance of finding related items.

there are 6 types of stats.


Increases the amount of damage your weapons do.

Class items:

Number Item Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
A00 Strength Up +4 Strength Increases your soul's strength. This will lead to an increase in damage, better strength items, and a higher chance of getting strength item fields!
Spr Strength Up Item 0
A01 Strengthened Shots +2 Shot Power Increases the base damage of weapons by 2, which can later be increased by other items you collect.
Spr Strengthened Shots Item 0
A02 Armour Piercing Armour Piercing +4 Lets all your attacks ignore 4 points of boss armour. Very useful for weapons that shoot a lot of low damage projectiles.
Spr Armour Piercing Item 0
A03 Powered Shots Damage +15% Increases all your damage by 15%!
Spr Powered Shots Item 0
A04 Body Penetrating +1 Piercing Hits Increases the pierce of all weapons by 1, potentially letting you hit 2 enemies at once.
Spr Body Penetrating Item 0
A05 Fight Response +40% Response Damage Using the power of fight responses, you deal 40% more damage for a short time after being damaged.
Spr Fight Response Item 0
A06 Hammer Mindset +50% Knockback,

+20% Shot Speed

Gives you a mindset that lets your attacks rush in and push everything away!
Spr Hammer Mindset Item 0
A07 Overexertion +25% Shot Power,

+10% Shot Speed,

+20% Essence Use

Overexerting yourself tires you out, but lets you output more.
Spr Overexertion Item 0
A08 Dense Mindset +25% Shot Power,

+10% Shot Speed,

-20% Projectile Lifespan

Dense thoughts do more damage but burn out faster.
Spr Dense Mindset Item 0
A09 Thinking Bigger +25% Shot Size,

+20% Shot Power,

+10% Essence Use

Bigger thoughts do more damage but take more effort to think of.
Spr Thinking Bigger Item 0
A10 Critical Thinking x2 Critical Hit Chance +12.5% Critical Thinking skills are very important for success and can give you that extra punch!
Spr Critical Thinking Item 0
A11 Radiant Strength +20 Contact Damage Strength forms a field of radiance around the soul, allowing damage to be done to anything that touches the soul.
Spr Radiant Strength Item 0
A12 Overflowering Power +Soul Damage Aura The power within the soul when it shoots is overwhelming, causing it to leak and damage nearby enemies.
A14 Aura Strikes +Shot Damage Aura Creates an aura around every projectile fired, which does additional damage in an area.

=Vitality =[]

Vitality increases hp regen of your hearts

Class items:

Number Item Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
B00 Vitality Up +4 Vitality Increases your soul's vitality. This will lead to an increase in health regen, better vitality items, and a higher chance of getting vitality item fields!
Spr Vitality Up Item 0
B01 Heartiness Base Heart Hp +5 Gives all of your hearts and extra 5 hp points, allowing you to take more punishment before losing a heart!
Spr Heartiness Item 0
B02 Harder Hearts Defense +2 Allows all of your hearts to gain 2 defense, allowing you to block off an extra 2 points of damage from every attack!
Spr Harder Hearts Item 0
B03 Body Bag Hearts +Heart Death Body Bag When losing a heart you gain a body bag, which can absorb extra hits!
Spr Body Bag Hearts Item 0
B04 Will to Live Survival Hit +1 Each of your hearts can take an extra hit that would have killed you, leaving them in a broken but repairable state.
Spr Will To Live Item 0
B05 Rubber Soul +Soul Hit Bounce Sometimes projectiles that hit your soul will only do 1 damage and be bounced back at the enemy.
Spr Rubber Soul Item 0
B06 Ragdoll +10 Ragdoll Defense, +2 Base Heart HP Gives you a lot more defense for a period of time after being knocked back.
Spr Ragdoll Item 0
B07 Calm Restoration Idle Hit Regen +30%, Base Heart Hp +2 Regain your health a lot faster when you are not being constantly damaged.
Spr Calm Restoration Item 0
B08 Healing Concentration +75% Attack Idle Regen,

+2 Base Heart HP

Regain your health faster when you are not focused so much on killing those in your way.
Spr Healing Concentration Item 0
B09 Contact Field Contact Defense +4, Defense Bumping into enemies does significantly less damage.
Spr Contact Field Item 0
B10 Life Draining Aura Life Steal When near bosses your negative aura takes health away from them and replenishes you with it.
Spr Life Draining Aura Item 0
B11 Bounce Back Regen after being hit +100% The soul bounces back from being pummeled much better for 3 seconds.
Spr Bounce Back Item 0
B12 Heart Shells +4 Defense When Hit Hearts have their shells harden when hit, giving a defense boost for a short amount of time.
B13 Greater Hearts +3 Max Heart HP,

+20% Heart Regen

Makes all hearts greater. Hearts have a higher health cap and can regenerate 20% faster than normal!
B14 Punch Back Hearts


Essence increases your maximum essence.

Class items:

Number Item Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
C00 Essence Up +4 Essence Increases your soul's essence. This will lead to an increase in essence regen, better essence items, and a higher chance of getting essence item fields!
Spr Essence Up Item 0
C01 Dream Processor Essence Use -15% Process dreams better, all weapons take up 15% less essence to think of.
Spr Dream Processor Item 0
C02 Mental Endurance +50 Max Essence Increases your max essence by 50, letting you think of more attacks before having to recharge!
Spr Mental Endurance Item 0
C03 Dreamer's Stamina Essence Regen +25% Lets you regain essence 25% faster, allowing you to make more complicated thoughts in less time!
Spr Dreamers Stamina Item 0
C04 Creative Spam Essence Cost -2, Max Essence +10 Decrease the essence cost of all weapons by 2. Very useful for things like beams, which have a low essence cost but high attack rate.
Spr Creative Spam Item 0
C05 Essence Attack Field +Essence Attack,

+20 Max Essence

If your essence reserves are high enough you will damage any nearby enemies with an essence attack beam!
Spr Essence Attack Field Item 0
C06 Essence Defense Field +Essence Defense,

+20 Max Essence

If your essence reserves are high enough you will block off any nearby projectiles with an essence defense beam!
Spr Essence Defense Field Item 0
C07 Imaginary Reload +50% Attack Idle Essence Regen You pretend to reload your gun when not firing, allowing you to regain essence faster!
Spr Imaginary Reload Item 0
C08 All Out Essence Drain Once per room, lets you continue to use your attacks for a bit after you run out of essence!
Spr All Out Item 0
C09 Panic Jolt Essence When Damaged Getting hit sends a jolt through your ethereal form, allowing you to gain some essence!
Spr Panic Jolt Item 0
C10 Adrenaline +30% Last Heart E. Gain, +30% Damaged Heart E. Gain When on your last heart or when your current heart is at less than 50% health, you gain more essence regen!
Spr Adrenaline Item 0
C11 Charge Overload Max Charge Potency, Charge Speed +25%, Max Essence +20 Increases stat changes from charging charge weapons by 25%
Spr Charging Item 0
C12 Lifeforce Drain +Essence From Life When you urn out of essence you can continue to fire your weapons, but it comes at the cost of some of your life.
C13 Essence Pool +25 Max Essence,

+10% Essence Regen

Having an extra pool essence to use is handy for using more complicated weapon ideas.


Dexterity increases your movement speed.

Related items:

Number Item Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
D00 Dexterity Up Dexterity +4 Increases your soul's dexterity. This will lead to an increase in movement speed, better dexterity items, and a higher chance of getting dexterity item fields!
Spr Dexterity Up Item 0
D01 Spiritual Swiftness Movement Speed +30 Make your soul move through the dreamscape much faster!
Spr Spiritual Swiftness Item 0
D02 Quick Thinking Weapon Delay -20% Quick Thinking capabilities let you think of things to attack with much faster!
Spr Quick Thinking Item 0
D03 Projectile Launching Shot Speed +40% Your thoughts will be able to move across the dreamscape faster.
Spr Projectile Launching Item 0
D04 Projectile Template Weapon Delay -3 Decrease the base recharge of all weapons by 3, works well for things that were already fast to think of.
Spr Projectile Template Item 0
D05 Flight Response Response Speed +60%, Response Weapon Speed +25% Temporarily boosts your speed by a massive amount when hit.
Spr Flight Response Item 0
D06 Relief Health and Essence Regen when Stationary +30% You feel relieved from the stress of movement, allowing you to compose yourself faster.
Spr Relief Item 0
D07 Mindfulness Firerate+ Being mindful allows your soul to shoot faster depending on how much essence you have.
Spr Mindfulness Item 0
D08 Information Dump Weapon Delay -40%, Power -10%, Accuracy -50% Just dumps your thoughts onto enemies, not caring about accuracy or potency.
Spr Information Dump Item 0
D09 Brainstorming Chance for +1 shots: +10% Increased brainstorming capacities lets you sometimes shoot more shots at a time!
Spr Brainstorming Item 0
D10 Multitasking When above 50% essence, +1 shots, -30% essence regen When you are above half essence capacity you can multi-task, allowing you to shoot extra shots but regen essence slower.
Spr Multi Tasking Item 0
D11 Unload Firerate +40%, Essence Regen while Shooting -20% The soul can unload its imagination onto enemies much faster, this comes at an energy cost.
Spr Unload Item 0


Perception improves teleporting, decreasing teleportation cooldown and essence cost

Class items:


Number Item Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
E00E00 Perception Up Perception +4 Increases your soul's perception. This will lead to a decrease in teleport cooldown, better perception items, and a higher chance of getting perception item fields!
Spr Perception Up Item 0
E01E01 Corporeal Focus Soul Size Decrease Makes the hitbox of your soul smaller, allowing you to dodge projectiles more efficiently.
Spr Corporeal Focus Item 0
E02E02 Phase Sense Teleport Cost -5 Phase through reality in a less costly manner!
Spr Phase Sense Item 0
E03E03 Projectile Focus Accuracy +100%, Projectile Lifespan +20% Allows any thoughts you had that would spread out to come together and be more focused.
Spr Projectile Focus Item 0
E04E04 Space Warping Adeptness Teleport Cost -20% Reduce the essence drain of travelling through space.
Spr Space Warping Adeptness Item 0
E05E05 Durable Imagination Projectile Lifespan +60% Your thoughts are more durable, letting your attacks last longer!
Spr Durable Imagination Item 0
E06E06 Projectile Bender Homing Projectiles If your essence reserves are high enough gives your projectiles homing, if they were already homing then they get extra homing range.
Spr Projectile Bender Item 0
E07E07 Space Bender Looping Projectiles, Projectile Lifespan +25% If your essence reserves are high enough gives your projectiles looping, allowing them to loop around to the other side of the dreamscape when going past the border.
Spr Space Bender Item 0
E08E08 Reality Concealing Smaller Boss Bullets Using your perception alone, you are able to reduce the size and influence of enemy bullets sometimes.
Spr Reality Conceiling Item 0
E09 Time Warping Boss and Bullet Slowdown when Teleporting Teleporting now affects the flow of time, causing things to slow down for a bit.
Spr Time Warping Item 0
E10E10 Bullet Conquest Anti Bullet Aura When shooting you can sometimes stop all bullets in mid air depending on the strength of your weapon.
Spr Bullet Conquest Item 0
E11E11 Corporeal Lag Immunity while teleporting +1/2 seconds When teleporting the soul takes a longer amount of time before becoming completely corporeal, this allows you to avoid damage for a short time!
Spr Corporeal Lag Item 0


The use of state is Unknown. it is currently not ingame, and will be added at a later date.