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Spr Regen Heart 1


The Regen Heart has 20 HP like a Lesser Heart, but regenerates health 3 times as fast. It can be acquired in shops or item rooms


This heart shines in the early game but becomes a lot less useful in the late game. Early game, if you take a bit of damage, this heart will heal it off quickly, but late game damage comes too fast for the heart to catch up. The main strategy with this heart is also heart swapping: the 3x regen still applies if you swap out the heart so it's a Lesser Heart that is available for use as a meat shield multiple times quickly. For this reason, putting it close to your right-most heart is generally a good strategy. It is a good thing to remember that this heart does not have any extra defense or health compared to the lesser heart, so know that it is still extremely frail. Later Dream Floor bosses rip right through these hearts, so their main use turns back into a meatshield. DO NOT use it as a tank.


  • This heart used to be obsolete due to the extremely low regen applied by the vitality stat
  • Heart regen scales with vitality: with max vitality this heart regenerates at an extremely fast pace