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These are minions that can perform several things such as attack enemies, and provide stat boosts to bullets passing through them. These cannot be killed.


Figments act like Souls, minions that help you out but can be attacked and can die. They respawn after each room. After a recent update, they now do 5 contact damage to bosses.


Number Minion Name: Effects: Effect Explanation: Sprite
M01 Wandering Soul Ally Soul This soul seems a bit lost, luckily it's on your side. Shoots at bosses and loosely follows your soul.
Spr Wandering Soul 0.png
M02 Friendly Figment Ally Figment, 100 HP Unlike souls, figments are corporeal. Bosses will target and shoot at them, however the figments can die if they are hit too much. Luckily they always come back!
Spr Friendly Figment 0.png
M03 Fighter Soul Ally Soul, fast firing Follows bosses and shoots pretty quick for a soul.
Spr Fighter Soul 0.png
M04 Dummy Figment Ally Figment, 250 HP, no attacks Bosses shoot at it, can take much more punishment than most figments.
Spr Dummy Figment 0.png
M05 Blaze Soul Ally Soul, projectile burn Shoots fire essence at bosses, if your projectiles go through this soul they will also be set on fire for extra damage!
Spr Blaze Soul 0.png
M06 Flash Cannon Ally Figment, 125 HP, Explosions Shoots powerful imaginary explosives at the enemies.
Spr Flash Cannon 0.png
M07 Fuse Soul Ally Soul, projectile explosion Shoots gunpowder, if your projectiles pass through this soul they gain explosiveness!
Spr Fuse Soul 0.png
M08 Healthy Thoughts Ally Figment, 120 HP, Healing Thoughts Produces healthy thinking that heals you if you pick it up!
Spr Healthy Thoughts 0.png
M09 Spike Soul Ally Soul, projectile pierce Shoots spike essence at the enemies, increases the pierce of your projectiles by 1 and shot power by 2.5 if they pass through the soul.
Spr Spike Soul 0.png
M10 Corporeal Chum Ally Figment, 120 HP, revenge damage When hit will retailiate with a barrage of green essence!
Spr Corporeal Chum 0.png
M11 Knife Soul Ally Soul, follow mouse, contact damage Follows the astral indicator, does damage to bosses if it is in contact
Spr Knife Soul 0.png
M12 Troubling Thingo Ally Figment, 110 HP, contact projectiles, damage soul/bosses When colliding with a boss will send a bunch of bullets from outside the dreamscape towards itself. Bullets can hurt bosses and your soul!
Spr Troubling Thingo 0.png
M13 Copy Cat Soul Ally Soul, mimicking projectiles Shoots projectiles mimicking your own!
Spr Copy Cat Soul 0.png
M14 Explosive Manifesto Ally Figment, 100 HP, death explosion Rushes to bosses, explodes when it dies doing big damage!
Spr Explosive Manifesto 0.png
M15 Poisonous Soul Ally Soul, projectile poison Shoots poisonous essence, dealing damage over time. If your projectiles pass through they also gain poison damage!
Spr Poisonous Soul 0.png
M16 Essential Thoughts Ally Figment, 120 HP, Essence Thoughts Produces essential thinking that gives you essence if you pick it up!
Spr Essential Thoughts 0.png
M17 Bleeding Soul Ally Soul, projectile bleed A Soul cursed to inflict sharp damage and make enemies bleed! Will make any projectiles passing through it also inflict bleed.
Spr Sharp Soul 0.png
M18 Bullet Eater Ally Figment, 150 HP, sucks in bullets Sucks up any nearby bullets into the endless void that is its mouth. Imaginative appetite.
Spr Bullet Eater 0.png
M19 Magician Soul Ally Soul, projectile homing Powerful wizard soul that can home in on enemies. Projectiles passing through gain homing and magic.
Spr Magical Soul 0.png
M20 Eye Sore Ally Figment, 180 HP, passes through bosses, contact damage Bounces around the room doing damage to everything in its path, highly resistant.
Spr Sore Eye 0.png
M21 Electro Soul Ally Soul, projectile chain Electrical Soul that shoots chain shots. Projectiles passing through gain chain and energy.
Spr Electro Soul 0.png
M22 Warding Fig Ally Figment, 80 HP, wards projectiles Wards off anything that can cause harm away from itself.
Spr Warding Figment 0.png
M23 Clingy Soul Ally Soul, soul orbiting, dual shot Orbits the Soul from a nearby distance shooting twin shots.
Spr Clingy Soul 0.png
M24 Positive Thoughts Ally Figment, 120 HP, Stat-boost Thoughts Produces positive thinking that gives you various stat boosts if you pick it up!
Spr Positive Thoughts 0.png
M25 Barrier Soul Ally Soul, bullet-blocking projectiles Ally orbits soul and shoots barriers to block out enemy bullets.
Spr Barrier Soul 0.png
M26 Glum Chum Ally Figment, 133 HP, bullet conversion->space bending shots Figment with self-loathing. Shooting this figment with your own weaponry will damage it and cause it to shoot powerful projectiles to harm your enemies.
Spr Glum Chum 0.png
M27 Weakening Soul Ally Soul, weakening shots Shoots weakening essence at enemies, causing them to take more damage from all sources.
Spr Weakening Soul 0.png
M28 Shield Friend Ally Figment, 180 HP, bullet blocking, soul orbiting, contact damage Orbits the soul, blocking out projectiles until the dream fades away.
Spr Shield Friend 0.png


  • Souls used to get stuck in walls
  • Clingy Soul used to vibrate rapidly back and forth in a wall
  • Electro Soul currently breaks melee weapons with correct timing
  • Electro Soul also breaks melee weapons when fired into the wall
  • Figments only recently got contact damage
  • Figments were at one point incapable of dying from boss contact
  • The boss Manifest Core has transparency that allows it to seemingly carry figments around, when in reality the figments are following it
  • Figments wall collision used to be busted
  • Figments were capable of being stuck in walls
  • Eye Sore was capable of running straight off out of bounds
  • Bosses like Cursed Clappers were able to push figments out of bounds, soft-locked the game with the other glitch where figments couldn't die from boss contact
  • Thought figments used to suck up projectiles but there were complaints
  • Thought figments thoughts were able to be slingshotted out of bounds via soul movement
  • Blaze Soul and Poison Soul used to break many sprites
  • Beams do not work with damage over time souls
  • Twister Staff and Blaze Soul used to break
  • Fuse Soul and beam weapons make explosions at the base of the soul
  • Fuse Soul used to display NaN damage counts occasionally
  • Electro Soul used to crash the game
  • Electro Soul used to remove extra hit from projectiles
  • Magician Soul used to break Boss Munchers
  • Warding Fig and Bullet Eater used to be able to move acid pools, Wall Watcher champ laser beams, etc.
  • Dummy Figment had broken move code earlier in the game
  • Explosive Manifesto doesn't do explosion damage
  • Copy Cat Soul used to not function correctly with charge weapons
  • Copy Cat Soul can go out of bounds, causing weird things to happen with Space Bender
  • Troubling Thingo and Space Bender kills you (pretty much)
  • Copy Cat Soul has 0 weapon delay with charge weapons, pretty broken
  • There's probably more old glitches I forgot and all of these are only from demo 4 until now