Dream Flash Wiki


This is the basic heart with 20 HP and no defense. You start each run with three of these, and you can gain them from food items in the shop or by getting one in an item room. 


In the early game, the main strategy you will encounter with this heart is heart swapping. When the heart is damaged, move to an area with minimal bullets. Click on an unexposed heart and click again to the right of the damaged heart to replace it. This effectively protects your damaged heart and helps prevent you from losing a heart. Be careful as this strategy can cause you to take extra damage when doing the swap. It takes practice to not get hit during heart swapping and even then you can get hit sometimes.

In the later game, lesser hearts can be used to meatshield damaged important hearts with a quick heart swap. This is a very risky strategy only more experienced players should attempt.


  • This heart costs less recalls if you get it as the heart item in the shop