Dream Flash Wiki

Hearts are the main health system.

Each heart has its own HP value and when this reaches 0, they are destroyed (exception being Survivor Heart).

There are many different heart types with many different effects. The order of hearts can be moved around via clicking.

Upon running out of hearts, you die.

The regeneration speed of hearts can be increased with Vitality stat ups. Vitality class items can also boost the health, defense, and some other aspects of hearts.

Heart types[]

Number Name Icon HP Effect
H01 Lesser
Spr Lesser Heart 1
20 No special effects, always start with 3.
H02 Regen
Spr Regen Heart 1
20 Regens HP 3 times as fast.
H03 Survivor
Spr Survivor Heart Art 0-0
20 Can survive a lethal hit with 0 HP.
H04 Jumbo
Spr Jumbo Heart Art 0-0
40 No special effects.
H05 Tough
Spr Tough Heart Art 0-0
20 +4 defense.
H06 Undying
Spr Undying Heart 1
10 +Revive
H07 Hourglass
Spr Hour Glass 1
60 Doesn't heal
H08 Spike
Spr Spike Heart Art 0
20 Shoots spikes in all directions when hit.
H09 Bleeding
Spr Bleeding Heart Art 0
20 Shoots daggers when hit that make bosses bleed
H10 Magician
Spr Magician Heart Art 0
20 Shoots homing magic bolts when hit
H11 Rocket
Spr Rocket Heart Art 0-0
20 Rains down missiles near the cursor when you take damage.
H12 Lightning
Spr Lightning Heart Art 0-0
20 Rains down lightning near the cursor when you take damage.
H13 Scaley
Spr Scaley Heart Art 0
20 +Dexterity when health is low
H14 Beast
Spr Beast Heart Art 0
25 +5 hp from boss phases
H15 Rubber
Spr Rubber Heart Art 0
20 50% chance bullet bounce back
H16 Jello
Spr Jello Heart Art 0
20 +Damage redirection to other hearts, 67% chance